Passengers choose the plane over ‘expensive’ Eurostar

Published: 29 January, 2024 | Tags: ,

Eurostar tickets can vie with air travel for price as long as they are bought in advance. But, as the passengers inteviewed for this piece, for last-minute bookings, the plane is still unrivalled in cost.

The passengers who spoke to Caroline Taix and Olivier Devos understood perfectly well the carbon implication of their decisions to fly the short distance between London and Paris. But the cost disparity is such that they felt they could not justify using Eurostar if they were unable to book advance tickets.

Eurostar is hampered by the high price charged by Getlink for passenger services. And aircraft still pay no VAT on fuel, so they have an advantage. But Eurostar have recently paid for a revamp of their logo and branding. They should take note of what these passengers are saying.