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Bring Back Euro Trains

Campaign for the return of international trains to Kent stations

Ashford International Station

Campaign to Reinstate Kent’s European Train Services

Supporting Ashford and Ebbsfleet’s International Status

Bring Back Euro Trains campaigns for the return of cross-Channel train services to Kent stations Ashford and Ebbsfleet, which were suspended during the pandemic and never reinstated.

Bring Back Euro Trains is managed by a small core group of dedicated volunteers working together for the good of Ashford, Kent and cross-Channel rail networks generally. Our aim is to pursue engagement and dialogue with all stakeholders until these services resume.

By signing the petition, you are demonstrating that the demand and sentiment for a Cross-Channel train service remains strong in Kent.

Read more about the BBET campaign, who runs BBET and our aims and strategy.

BBET Campaign News

Labour needs to to broaden its rail strategy, says BBET

Published: 29 April, 2024

Last Thursday the Shadow Cabinet announced that Labour would bring the railways back into public ownership, if elected. Their announcement concerns improvements only in domestic railways, but Bring Back Euro Trains is asking them to think more widely and include… Read More >

Webinar interview with Michael and Edith Robson

Published: 11 April, 2024

Edith ran the successful campaign “Save our Eurostar” between 2007 and 2009 to maintain the direct services from Ashford to Brussels, running a petition that reached 11,000. Michael spent 40 years on the rail industry and in railway consultancy. This… Read More >

Webinar: Michael Solomon Williams of Campaign for Better Transport

Published: 10 April, 2024

Michael Solomon Williams is Campaigns Manager with Better Transport (formerly Transport 2000). Better Transport have a 50-year track record of advocacy for sustainable transport and campaigning for positive change. This was the fifth presentation of the Petition Anniversay Webinar that… Read More >

Webinar presentation by Damian Green MP

Published: 4 April, 2024

The Rt Hon Damian Green, MP for Ashford, has been an advocate for the return of international trains to Kent since the service stopped in March 2020. Last October, Damian brought the issue to Parliament to get in front of… Read More >

A business impacted by the loss of international trains, by JC Cothias

Published: 2 April, 2024

JC is a French entrpreneur who has lived in Ashford for 25 years. He runs a business employing a number of French nationals. His business is profoundly impacted by the loss of cross-Channel trains from Ashford and Ebbsfleet. Here he… Read More >

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