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Bring Back Euro Trains

Campaign for the return of international trains to Kent stations


Evening webinar on 20th March

Published: 13 February, 2024 | Category: BBET Campaign | Tags:

Save the date! We are organising a webinar to bring you an update on the situation so far, with the campaign and wider questions concerning Kent train connections to the Continent. It will take place on 20th March probably starting… Read More >

Your Cross-Channel Train Story

Published: 8 February, 2024 | Category: Your Story

If you have been impacted by the loss of cross-Channel train services from Ashford or Ebbsfleet Station, please let us have your story. Write it in the form in the column on the right (below on mobiles) and click the… Read More >

Eurostar voices concerns over EES

Published: 5 February, 2024 | Category: General News | Tags: ,

Eurostar has expressed concern that the new border checks will add massively to delays at their terminals. The new biometric system, due to come into force in October 2024, is “designed for airports rather than for city-centre and space-constrained terminals”,… Read More >

Air and rail compared over short-haul distances

Published: 4 February, 2024 | Category: General News | Tags:

As part of their commitment to net-zero, many European countries are preparing to ban short-haul flights where rail alternatives exist. This paper examines in depth the climate-change consequences of replacing air travel with rail transport: The picture is more compicated… Read More >