Eurostar: the view from Hastings

Published: 16 April, 2024 | Tags: ,

This slightly old (2022) article from the Hastings Independent is valuable for its insightful delve into the history of the international train service from Ashford, as viewed from Hastings.

Ashford matters to Hastings because of the Marshlink line that runs cross-country along the south coast. The line joins Ashford with Hastings where passengers can travel on to Eastbourne and Brighton without going through London. Ashford International was, therefore, the rail gateway to the continent for Hastings and many other towns in Sussex and further.

Author Mark Sullivan quite rightly refers to Ashford as a hub, the point where five railways meet: “With one change there onto Eurostar, the people of Maidstone, Thanet, Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Rye, Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton were to have quick, comfortable travel into France and Belgium. This was the promise, and was what caused councils and MPs in Kent and Sussex a generation ago to support the Tunnel and Ashford International station.”

“The Eurostar service offer to Kent and Sussex people was always grudging and second-rate – and now it has gone completely.”

Mark Sullivan, Hastings Independent

The article predates our campain by a few months, so I hope our continued pressure can bring some hope to Mark and his readers. Please sign the petition!